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President:  Trina K. Henderson

Co-Founder: Mauricio Torres

Our Promise:

    Authentic Spanish

               Dual Language

From Left to Right: Freelance: Marketing and Logistics: Lexi Martinez-Milton,

Director of Business Development and Sales: Position Open

Account Manager and Logistics: Zac Martinez 

Freelance English Editor: Warren Bradley Wildey 

NOT PICTURED: Mexico Office Assistant Idalia Bueno,

USA and MEXICO Offices

Trina is the President and founder of THE Resources, LLC. She has been an English/Spanish instructor for the past 25 years. She holds an MBA-MKT and specializes in English as a Foreign Language, English as a Second Language, Spanish as a Second language Instruction as well as Marketing and Sales for the company. Trina is a published author, a Professor of Management and Marketing Courses at the University of Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico (UDEM) and she also does online video production and instruction for students world-wide.



Trina K. Henderson

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Lexi is a free-lancer for marketing and logistics, shipping, receiving, warehousing, and marketing for trade-shows and sales. Lexi is a graduate of TCU in Ft. Worth, TX.  Lexi also works with HF Custom Solutions in Fort Worth where she specializes in Marketing Sales. https://hfcustomsolutions.com/

Free-lance Marketing

Alexis Martinez Milton

Lexi Charles 2_edited.jpg

The director of business development. This person is in charge of RFPs and submits all district/client contracts and also  helps with sales support. 

Dir. of Business Development

Open Position

Zac is the Account Manager for logistics and sales support in the DFW area. He helps to build the team with support in shipping, customer service, sales and trade-shows.

Account Manager Logistics/Sales

Zac Martinez

THE Resources, LLC  is an educational supplier, publisher and consultant firm for Spanish and English programs in the USA. Our company was founded by educator, Trina K. Henderson. 


Our goals are to service children in language programs that need authentic Spanish and dual language materials. All Games and Manipulatives from Mexico are sole-source from our company and all Spanish is authentic. All other items are distributed.


We offer dual language kits, manipulatives, classroom supplemental materials, educational language technology, games, teacher resources, task cards and professional development.

USA office:

1211 San Dario Ave. Ste 1013

Laredo, TX 78040

Order toll free 1-800-419-6906

Fax order to 1-844-777-0321

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