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T-H-E Addresses The Science of Reading Through Phonics Kits in English and Spanish

Updated: Jun 28

At Torres-Henderson Education Resources, one of our deepest concerns as educators is promoting awareness around reading in early development, especially for English language learners. Researchers have conducted studies in multiple languages using evidence-based approaches over the past five years. This has informed us of additional understandings contributing to the preparation of reading instruction. The Science of Reading is a multi-disciplinary approach across education, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience that provides educators and students with a critical understanding of the skills involved in learning how to read proficiently and empowers students and teachers to learn which skills work together, as well as which parts of the brain convey information.

There are several causes for difficulties and disruptions in reading comprehension, which can make it challenging to narrow down the best practices for instruction. This includes which tools and resources are the most efficient and accessible. Research has revealed the limitations of teaching whole-word memorization, instead demonstrating the 5 essential components for proficient reading comprehension.

They are as follows:

1. Phonemic awareness

2. Phonics

3. Fluency

4. Vocabulary

5. Comprehension

In order for these accommodations for English learners to be successful, we have developed Phonics supplemental kits in Spanish and English to support this instruction. Our kits, reading tools, and resources are designed with this research in mind, aligned with individuated instruction processes that identify the big 5.

Our products support students of all ages and abilities and improve the outcome for proficient comprehension while instilling confidence for future successes. Letras is an alphabet game we sell that builds foundational skills such as sound building or phonics awareness. New readers will feel encouraged to start practicing sound blending as they learn how to identify the phonemes in each word. Literary decodables and manipulatives are not just fun and interactive for your kids, they're long-lasting tools for hands-on learning that boosts all 5 of the essential components for reading proficiently. Check out our Phonics kits for English, Spanish, and English Learners for more information.

The National Center for Improving Literacy defines and demystifies some of the basics of the Science of Reading with this informative graphic:

AND COMING SOON... T-H-E's Ample Street Kit: Kit de la calle Amplia:

a Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Art Connection to the current reading adoption kit; libraries, games, and resources for teachers. For whole-group mini-lessons or independent learning to support the Science of Reading, divided into domains to match the thematic units of instruction currently taught by CKLA/Amplify/Caminos and others!

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